Monday, October 24, 2011

Fabtastic Stuff.

OH YAWN! This has been a very uneventful week!! but I decided that I probably should post some of my favorite things... That I have made that is.

 First things first! PURSES!!! I love to make and design my own purses.. I am a very casual gal so I like my purses to reflect that. I have sold many purses as well. I love to make them but selling them really really takes the fun out of it. I always stress out that I am not picking the right fabric or that it just won't be good enough for what their expectations are. (I have yet to make one that a customer didn't love).  I am in the process of making my own shopping bags right now too!!!! they will be great and unlike anything out there, I PROMISE!  I design a new Purse every winter. So, look out! a new one will be coming soon!! if you want to buy one. let me know, we can talk about it... Maybe.

Paige 22 months
So onto my next favorite thing... and this one is covering one of my most favorite people! this is a Shirt dress. it was made from a man's button up shirt and since Paige out grew it last summer I can't wait until I can button it up around little miss Piper!


                                         Paige age 2                                                                                         Paige age 3
I LoVe making my little squirts skirts to wear! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! they are so much fun and so easy to come up with all kinds of different designs! it takes very little effort or know how to get this DIY job done! I mostly just use scraps from quilts I have made so they are practically free... except for thread and elastic! 

So I am feeling a bit like a bad mother. I have yet to post a photo of my smallest offspring and I can't find a photo of her wearing any thing I have made and since you could say that I made her I will just post one of my favorite photos of her!

Piper 10 months.

 Funny story of the week:

So I was watching my niece and nephew on Friday. They showed up before Piper woke up that morning (she isn't much of a morning person and likes to sleep in) well the increased volume level woke her up shortly after they arrived, so I set her down to play with my neice (who is just four months older then her) My niece walks over to Piper and pats her on the head, Paige saw this and said... "Awww they are so cute!" with that my nephew (who is the same age as Paige) replied "Yep, But 'my sister' is much cuter" I looked at him and said " Hey! how do you think that makes Piper feel" and he looked at me and said "I mean... I think they are BOTH much cuter" LOL I LOVE that boy!
Paigeism #2
Lick Skip = Lip Stick.
Halloween is on it's way... I know you are way too excited to see how my kids will be dressing up!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Put On Your Party Hat

So we went to an awesome birthday party at my Sisters house last night... Mister turned 4 yesterday!! he had a pirate themed birthday. It was awesome. Kids all dressed up like Pirates and had a treasure hunt and she even made chocolate treasure chests that topped the cupcakes (i would have a photo but Matthew ate it last night before I got a photo). My sister is so creative, it always makes me feel like I am lacking in the party department. I have not even really tried to think about Paige's birthday yet. I am still worrying about making Halloween costumes. (that is what I do best, sew stuff for the kids to wear)

On our way to the Party I stopped by the Dollar store in an effort to be a good Aunt, I wanted to get him some balloons so I got him 4 latex balloons and then 1 pretty little pirate balloon. On my way out to the car from the store (it was really windy yesterday) I popped the blue balloon. Then getting out of the car the cute little Pirate balloon blew away. :( Mister never got to see it. We arrived with one black one red and one yellow balloon tangled around Piper, and of course the whole house was decorated in red and black so my one little yellow balloon through off the whole decor.  Lucky for me, my sister understands my best intentions are in everything I do.

So on our way home last night Paige said "That was a really great party". So I ask her " What kind of birthday do you want." she says. " uuuh a robot party, probably" she is so stuck on robots lately.. well actually since July. Back in July she wanted to talk about her birthday so I asked her what kind of gift she wanted to get and what kind of cake she wanted to eat. she was surprisingly thorough, with the description of things, and to this day she still will tell you the same thing she told me that day.

Gift- a  Pink Robot (god only knows where I am going to find a pink robot.)
Cake- purple frosting with a rainbow on it. and maybe some M&M's.

So who knows what this party is going to be like.
I do know that we actually have kids to invite to this party, for the first time ever she will at least have kids to play with on her birthday! that makes me happy for her.

She is such a wonderful little person and she deserves something great for her birthday. I hope I can deliver.

So here is my funny Paige story today,

June 25th 2011,

Mom and I were talking about taking Paige and Piper to the Zoo the next day, in an effort to get her excited about going I asked her "Paige, do you want to go see the Butterflies at the zoo tomorrow?" (she had just been a couple weeks earlier for Addison's Birthday).

She looks at me wide eyed and says "No! I am scared of them"
So I ask "Why are you scared of them, baby?"
she replies " Because they are EVERYWHERE!" while wildly waving her arms above her head.

Paigeism of the day:
Tubana Slip = Banana Split. 
Imaginary Friends 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Damn Piper.

Paige Harper 4 years old was climbing into the car getting herself situated into her car seat, which is hard to do when you are trying to balance your french fries and chocolate milk, out of nowhere Piper Reese all of one year old reaches over and snatches Paige's hot and tasty french fries right out her hand.  Seeing how one year old's aren't so super agile this knocks the fries out of Paige's little hands and they rain down onto the car's carpeted floor. "UUUUUUUGaaaaHHH, Damn Piper" My Darling 4 year old says, as Piper lets out a squeal of happiness.

In this moment I can see how the next 14 years of my life are going to be. It has started and My Baby just turned one.. they are already fighting.

I look at Paige with my mouth a gape, "Paige! we don't say that word.. it is a bad word" I tell her. "I didn't say a bad word" she says " I didn't say Stupid" she whispers.

My husband Matt and I just lectured her on how we don't call ourselves or others "stupid" the other day, I am glad in this moment that, that conversation stuck, but it looks like we need to have another talk. So I proceed to tell her I didn't care if she heard Mommy or Daddy use that word, we shouldn't have and neither should she.

A Few days later...

I have both kids sitting down eating some buttered toast I am busy sewing a patch on my apron for work. I have Paige sitting at the island in the kitchen and Piper Reese in in the highchair right next to her. Paige is singing songs she has learned in school and munching away on her toast. Piper is rubbing the butter into her hair. A few seconds later I hear Paige gasp and say "OH NO!!!!" I look up to see what kind of tragedy I have on my hands, just to see that Piper has gotten into the drawer with all of her sippy cup lids in it, there are lids covering the tray of her highchair. It is no biggie so I keep on sewing. then I hear Paige ask me "Mom... can I say damn?"  am concentrating on my sewing project. so I auto answer "sure" and she says really loud almost shocking "DAMN PIPER!" I laugh quiet and say. "OH no!! I am sorry no, never say that word, mommy didn't mean to tell you that you could. She just looks at me with her great big eyes holds her hand up to her mouth  and says. "oops".

I love my kids....

Paige Spring 2011