Monday, October 24, 2011

Fabtastic Stuff.

OH YAWN! This has been a very uneventful week!! but I decided that I probably should post some of my favorite things... That I have made that is.

 First things first! PURSES!!! I love to make and design my own purses.. I am a very casual gal so I like my purses to reflect that. I have sold many purses as well. I love to make them but selling them really really takes the fun out of it. I always stress out that I am not picking the right fabric or that it just won't be good enough for what their expectations are. (I have yet to make one that a customer didn't love).  I am in the process of making my own shopping bags right now too!!!! they will be great and unlike anything out there, I PROMISE!  I design a new Purse every winter. So, look out! a new one will be coming soon!! if you want to buy one. let me know, we can talk about it... Maybe.

Paige 22 months
So onto my next favorite thing... and this one is covering one of my most favorite people! this is a Shirt dress. it was made from a man's button up shirt and since Paige out grew it last summer I can't wait until I can button it up around little miss Piper!


                                         Paige age 2                                                                                         Paige age 3
I LoVe making my little squirts skirts to wear! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! they are so much fun and so easy to come up with all kinds of different designs! it takes very little effort or know how to get this DIY job done! I mostly just use scraps from quilts I have made so they are practically free... except for thread and elastic! 

So I am feeling a bit like a bad mother. I have yet to post a photo of my smallest offspring and I can't find a photo of her wearing any thing I have made and since you could say that I made her I will just post one of my favorite photos of her!

Piper 10 months.

 Funny story of the week:

So I was watching my niece and nephew on Friday. They showed up before Piper woke up that morning (she isn't much of a morning person and likes to sleep in) well the increased volume level woke her up shortly after they arrived, so I set her down to play with my neice (who is just four months older then her) My niece walks over to Piper and pats her on the head, Paige saw this and said... "Awww they are so cute!" with that my nephew (who is the same age as Paige) replied "Yep, But 'my sister' is much cuter" I looked at him and said " Hey! how do you think that makes Piper feel" and he looked at me and said "I mean... I think they are BOTH much cuter" LOL I LOVE that boy!
Paigeism #2
Lick Skip = Lip Stick.
Halloween is on it's way... I know you are way too excited to see how my kids will be dressing up!!!

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