Monday, January 25, 2016

A Glass of Sun-flu-ay

This last week was ridiculous, by the time I got to Friday, I was DONE! I was such a grouch on Friday night that at 9:00 I told the girls it was time for bed. I was met with resistance as I do most Friday nights. They like to stay up later because it is the weekend and they think they have the leverage of getting to sleep in on Saturdays. Most Friday nights they win, I don't really care if they stay up, but this night I was Grumpy and dog tired as I had been up since 4:30am. I had no patience left in me. So I barked, literally I sounded like an animal..."FINE IF YOU WON'T LET  ME TUCK YOU IN RIGHT NOW, YOU CAN DO IT YOUR SELF!" I softened just slightly "give me a kiss so I can go to bed!" I hear Matt rush in as I shut the door to my room. I hear him tell the girls that it would be ok to stay up and read for a bit but to absolutely not bother Mom -bless his heart he knows how to settle us all down when Mom gets crazy.

I woke up in a good mood Saturday. To precious little kisses all down my arm, it was the littlest little, Piper. She informed me I was not allowed to leave my bed, Paige was making me breakfast and it was a surprise.  I agreed to stay if she snuggled with me. I smelled toast. I was only slightly nervous of what my precious 8 year old might be making, but mostly excited to see her creativity come out in the kitchen. I would love nothing more than to raise two girls to be amazing in the kitchen, and to not be  too scared to veer from a recipe, and make something their own. Matt on the other hand was mostly just nervous she was going to make him Pickles with raspberry jam on it and a side of  Sun-flu-ay (which is what the girls have named pickle juice when you drink it out of a glass). Honestly his nervousness could have been justified, as she has a weird sense of taste. I told him what ever she makes eat it - even if it is gross.  It was a delicious breakfast of blueberry oatmeal, toast with raspberry jam, a glass of milk and a granola bar "if we were still hungry". I was stuffed and let her eat my granola bar. I see a chef in the making, as long as she keeps Sun-flu-ay off the menu.

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  1. Of course she'll be great - she's got a fantastic example to follow!