Sunday, January 17, 2016


Looking back at what this wonderful woman gave me is a hard task to do, as she gave me some of the most valuable things in life.  She taught me what was real in life, to always live my life as honestly as I possibly can, and that me just the way I am, is the me I should be.  She taught me that I will be far more loved and respected for NOT putting on a show, but just putting my true self out there - flaws and all - for everyone to see.  She taught all of us to be our most authentic selves always, as she was the perfect example if that.  She was nothing if she wasn't genuine.

She also taught me that every penny is worth saving, I remember saving my pennies all year so that when she would come visit we could sit at the dining room table and roll them all into some hefty spending money.  Most of my memories of Grammy revolved around the dining room table.  Word searches and Rummikub with a bowl of Cheetos and a diet Pepsi. She had the softest cheeks and I loved to kiss them, her skin always smelled warm and slightly sweet, I will miss that.

So to say her absence will be noticed is a harsh understatement.  She was a pillar in this family, she held us all up, and led by a real example of how people should be.  To my Father, Sister, Aunts, Uncle and Cousins, fret not - as she lives on in each one of us, running through our veins we keep he immortal.  So do her right and live your life as authentically and as exuberant as you can.

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